The Bucket of Blood

The Bucket of Blood is an unofficial and affectionate name for a warehouse in the Hael docklands, near the ashes.

In this warehouse is an assortment of training equipment, light armour and weaponry, as well as a large, square ring.

The Bucket is owned and run by (insert Dwarf name here) “The Hammer” Hammersmith, an old, balding dwarf fighter who didn’t like seeing the youth from the poorer areas of Hael fall into a life of crime.

Many of these had been raised to know nothing more than violence; they were debt collectors, gang enforcers and leg breakers. Hammersmith wanted to take some of these kids and give them some sort of future. So he bought an old warehouse and turned it into a makeshift gym and fighting pit, and set up a league. He figured he could take the kids off the streets and put their dubious talents to use earning a slightly more legitimate living in a safer environment. People still get hurt but there are rarely deaths in the ring or as a direct result of a fight. Fights take place here most nights of the week; mostly bare fisted brawling but some fights use clubs and small shields.

The current champion in the underground fighting league, both in the fists and clubs categories is a tiefling known as Rubin “The Haelen Hurricane" (also known as The Wailin’ Haelen) said to be “Bigger than a bugbear, deadlier than a direwolf”.

The Bucket of Blood

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