1. Road in/out of Mirewood
2. Velna’s Shack
3. The Muddy Boot Inn
4. Guard House
5. Market
6. Mayor’s House
7. Callie’s Sundrie’s
8. Bekar’s Cold Iron
9. Mirewood Library
10. Former Lord’s Castle
11. Statue
12. Crying Joker
13. Sheriff Oswald’s House
14. Halfings Head Brewery
15. The Drunken Kobold
16. Mirewood Docks
17. Swampwater Tavern

Population: 2,500+

Government: A town council consisting of landowners and upstanding members of society. The Mayor of Mirewood has the final say.

Defence: 100 guards typically. Slightly less since the recent attack by a goblin raiding party. Can muster another 100 or so in desperate times, though they are poorly trained.

Inns and Taverns: The Muddy Boot, The Drunken Kobold, Halfling’s Head Brewery, Swampwater Tavern, Crying Joker Gaming Den

Supplies: Callie’s Sundries, Bekar’s Cold Iron, as well as a weekly market.

Mirewood is as close to a welcoming town as one could hope to find on Gereth. The town was founded over 100 years ago by a band of enterprising merchants, farmers and craftsmen who were tired of the corruption and in-fighting in Hael and sought to carve out a real home for themselves in the world. Along with a sturdy band of adventurers, the caravan of people set out to look for their new home. They found it, hidden within the thick forest and swamps of Mirewood. A large and fertile plot of land provided the starting point for the fledgling community, and the strength of the forest surrounding it provided protection from the evils that wandered the land.


Gereth Saisei