Population: 10,000 (30% Human, 30% Tiefling, 10% Dwarf, 10% Halflings, 5% Eladrin, 5% Elves, 2% Drow, 2% Half Elves, 6% Other)

  • Humans and Tieflings consider themselves to be united as the Haelen, but name themselves Human and Tiefling to differentiate.
  • In Hael the Dragonborn are not well liked (Scalies)
  • Connection to a Feywild city through the Tree Gate.
  • Connection to a Shadowfell city through the Arch.

The city of Hael is the main port on Khul and serves as a port to the zeppelins that connect it to the rest of the continent. Humans mostly stick to living in Khul but some are scattered around the rest of the mainland. About half of the children born to human parents on Khul are Tieflings and they mix well with the rest of the humans. On the mainland of Gereth humans and tieflings are not really trusted and suffer from a bit of racial hatred from the other races.

Common isn’t so much a language as a pidgin of phrases and signals known to most traders and adventurers. Humans speak Hael (extra language for the setting).

The Ashes

The Happy Enchantress

The Bucket of Blood

Major NPCs
Stefan Boldmin


Kharash Fir Kol

Baustin Ree

Gilda Hearthrow


Gereth Saisei