The Seeker, The Fire that Hungers, The Brimming Cup

Symbol: a sunburst, gold and argent.
Often on a red field, with a tool superimposed in its heart- hammer and chisel, a scale etc.

Ceorl is the god of the Sun, the quest for Knowledge, and Creation- though some would also argue that Destruction is also a part of his portfolio. Artisans, craftspeople, engineers and liberal academics tend to venerate Ceorl, and it is not unknown for alchemists to mutter a fervent prayer before attempting an experiment. Those who seek constantly to study and examine the world around them, to learn from their own experience, please him; for, unlike Hiraku, Ceorl teaches that as the world changes so do people, and that what once was truth may not always be so: to trust to what has gone before is to try to banish darkness with but an ember of light. Those who constantly question and are rarely content with the answers they get are often said to be ‘touched by Ceorl’s fires’- someone who discovers through stubbornness and against advice something particularly upsetting to them, or that they wish they could unlearn (i.e. something that upsets their life- shows a fervent-held belief to be false, changes what they thought of someone or themselves) may be said to be ‘singed by Ceorl’s fires’.
His priests often ally with those of The Hanged Man against the undead- creatures of shadow and stagnation, they are an affront to Ceorl.

  • Bring knowledge and beauty into the world
  • Creation is the path to joy
  • Do not be complacent. Shine always the light of examination on what you observe: it will burn away all untruth and supposition.
  • Thirst for knowledge as you would water in a desert: it is a cup that never empties, never fills


Gereth Saisei