Silver Tongue, The Two-fold Smile

Symbol: a blank-sided die, a hooded mockingbird

Ever-smiling Caducea is the demanding goddess of Cleverness, Guile, and Gain- or in effect, some would claim, of Merchants, Gamblers, Liars and Thieves. She extols cleverness and intelligence, and the gain of advantage through contests of wits. Her followers should show foresight and preparedness, and a knack for subterfuge, but possess ingenuity and quick thinking- she often collaborates with Bodai Luoqi to challenge and test those who claim to follow her. She doesn’t care for labels like ‘good’ and ‘bad’, whether a ‘venture’ is small or large, or who it affects and how, once people are using the skills she favours. While she is not particularly concerned with things like honesty, rightful ownership and indiscriminate fairness, she abhors deliberate and thoughtless malice, seeing it as ultimately counterproductive to gain, and is disdainful of those who resort to violence, seeing it as indicative of a small and worthless mind.

  • To the clever go the spoils.
  • The end is of little consequence- it is the means that are truly interesting, and that shall ultimately be rewarded.
  • Challenge yourself: hone your skills of thought and tongue for greater pleasure and greater gain.
  • Right and ownership are arbitrary: it is fair and just to claim what you want by guile and cleverness. Through such means even the smallest can earn victory.

(name: from Caduceus, obviously, which is the Rod of Hermes confused so frequently for the symbol of medicine. Hermes, as well as being a messenger, was a patron of all the above)


Gereth Saisei