Bodai Luoqi

The Cutting Coin, The Double-Edged, The Masked Jester

Symbol:a two-headed cat

Bodai Luoqi is the god of Humour and Luck, and most commonly depicted as a rotund with much of his face obscure- save his mouth, which is always laughing. Humour, tricks and jokes, as luck, can go two ways- as such Bodai can often be seen by mortals as fickle and capricious. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to be certain of securing Bodai’s blessing, but his most ardent followers- an order of monks called The Laughing Fist- would argue that anyone seeking to be certain of his goodwill clearly does not understand the god, and is certainly not worthy of goodwill: without bad luck, there could be no good luck, if you desire one then you must be accepting of the other. True followers argue that there is more to this god than games and tricks- fun though they might be- and that Bodai, incomprehensible though he and his motives may be to most mortals, leads the way to true enlightenment. Those who would pay lip service to Bodai are many; gamblers, thieves, tricksters, those setting out on a new journey or venture, and he accepts their prayers and offerings without comment, but those who would truly worship the laughing god are rare indeed, and must be possessed of a placid stoicism and willingness to accept what they are given- for good or ill.

  • Bodai admires those who make their own luck, but admiration only goes so far- donations go further. Thanks now and then would also be nice.
  • Bodai says: “Man with hand in pocket feels cocky all day”.
  • Bodai says “A man who fishes in another man’s well often catches crabs”.
  • Bodai sayd “He who laughs at himself will never run out of things to laugh at”
  • Bodai sats: “On the path of sweet gingerbread a man will encounter sweet gingerbread. Sweet and tasty, yes, but a little bit of rain and the going gets tough. And then there are the toothaches…”
  • Bodai says: “On the path of many snakes a man will encounter many snakes”.

(name: from Budai Luohan/Hotei, the laughing Buddha, and Luoqi from Luohan, Loki, and qi. See? Told you there’s more to him. The idea is he and his followers are a bit zen-aspirational, while also being incredibly irritating to most people around them, with the teachings being a bit like bad fortune cookies.

And the cat has a head at either end, like the pushmepullyou from Dr. Doolittle )

Bodai Luoqi

Gereth Saisei