The Pryn Downs

The Pryn Downs are a series of small farming and mining settlements, lying some leagues south of Chaintown, that conduct trade amongst themselves and also bring goods to trade as an alliance of traders in Chaintown and Anyport. The Downs as they are known to the locals are a result of ventures set up by Haelan Pacifists, Dwarf miners, some Dragonborn mercenaries and a few farming communities. The Downs are protected by a number of natural features, not least of which being the fact that they are nestled in a box canyon of considerable size. The shear walls of the canyon rise some 150 meters above the rooves of the towns and hamlets. At the open end of the canyon the Downs are protected by a wall built and maintained by a group of Dragonborn mercenaries whose founders happened upon the canyon about a hundred years ago. The mercenaries wished to settle down after their roving and struck a deal with the villages, they protect the townships as best they can, cause no trouble themselves and act as guards to their trade caravans, for this the mercenaries were to receive a share of the profits either in the form of food and board or gold. This contract has withstood the test of time and the Dragonborn eventually created a settlement of their own, Arux Martivir or Peace Valley.

Inside the wall it is mostly a safe place, the canyon floor is relatively flat, only a gentle roll breaks the field of view occasionally, the towns and hamlets are earshot of each other and the great warning bells at the centre of each town are bound by ritual to ring all at once should trouble be spotted by a settlement. Dwarves, Humans, Tieflings, Dragonborn and even a Goliath tribe as well as passing Halfling caravans can be found in the Pryn Downs.

The wall which keeps the canyon safe is a tall imposing structure of red stone some 10 feet thick. There is a single gate set in it at it’s centre through which all trafic must pass, behind this gate is Arux Martivir, the first settlement any trader or traveller to the Downs must pass through. Here some levies are paid if a traveller wishes to venture further into the Downs an institution passed by the collected leaders of the various settlements to help in the upkeep of the wall, the roads and patrols of the canyon.

From Pryn traders travel to Chaintown, making a weekly run to trade their precious ores, food and grains for certain supplies, materials and tools not available in the valley. While the people of Martivir are charged with keeping the caravans safe as part of the contract they are not bound to do this by themselves and hire on aid at Chaintown if the need arises, if the roads are particularly dangerous or if the cargo headed for home is highly valuable. These guards are usually well paid for their troubles and are given half before and after the journey.

The Pryn Downs

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