Located in the southern reaches of the lower continent, Shadowhaunt is the very real manifestation of the nightmares of civilised man. Originally built as a second home for Eladrin on the Material Plane, it now houses the most sinister and vile of creatures.

When the Eladrin built their city of Feyhome they planted a Feywood tree, so as to serve as a doorway between their home on the Material Plane and that in the Feywild. The seed of the Feywood burrowed deep and sunk it’s roots into the earth. In doing so, it cracked a delicate seal that had stood for hundreds if not thousands of years. The seal had been set deep in the earth by a powerful archmage in a battle with an evil lich years before, in hopes of sealing the lich’s soul within it for all eternity. The crack in the seal leaked the lich’s spirit into the growing Feywood slowly. By the time the city of Feyhome had been completed it was two late.

The Feywood was deformed and twisted, corrupted by the Shadowfell. The spirit of the lich was alive again in the tree and had warped the portal that should have connected Feyhome to the Feywild. Instead, the foul creatures of the Shadowfell began to flow forth. The quickly overran the Eladrin, brutally slaughtering them or imprisoning them for torture and experiment.

Now known as Shadowhaunt, and passed off by most as nothing more than a myth, the city is a testament to darkness. Operating on a strict hierarchy, the city is a bleak and deadly place. The once elegant arches and sweeping architecture is now decaying and has a sickly bloodied colour to it. The sky over Shadowhaunt is a perpetual blood red, with imposing black clouds blocking out any natural light.

Mostly home to the Shadar-Kai and Dark-Ones, Shadowhaunt also houses all manner of lesser devils and demons, dopplegangers, and undead horrors. Only a fool, or a man with an army at his back would dare enter Shadowhaunt.


Gereth Saisei