The Dance Delirious, the Ecstatic Maiden

Symbol: an asymmetrical swirl of entwined purple and silver, a white cherry blossom

Daughter of Ceorl, Pheidia is the goddess of the Creativity, of Inspiration and Transience, of Beauty and of Madness. She has close ties to Vierla. Poets, playwrights, artists, dancers and actors make up the bulk of her followers, and are joined by gold and silversmiths, fine craftsmen, designers, and those who practice the ‘pleasurable arts’. Though in some ways similar in demeanour to her sister Adisa, Pheidia is perhaps a little more refined, concerning herself more specifically with those mortal endeavours than enrich the soul and bring pleasure to the spirit and beauty into the world. Those involved in the Arts would often claim her as their muse, which has given rise to many colloquial in-jokes, such as describing someone completely lost in their work, to the extent that they are ignorant of everything else, as ‘dancing with Pheidia’, or saying that an earnest but ultimately unsuccessful artist is ‘being fed by Pheidia’ to imply that they are earning nothing, and have little to live on beyond their work.

  • Let Mind and Heart walk where they will; together they will feed Spirit.
  • In one’s own heart is one’s own truth; free it, that others may see and learn, and weep for such truth.
  • Inspiration in all things
  • Aspire only to feel, to share, to know the truth of your own spirit: never heartlessly mock or deride another’s truth if it is honest.

(name: from Pheidias, as in The Mean of, another name for the golden ration of symmetry that is supposed to denote true beauty)


Gereth Saisei