Nairades is the goddess of the sea. She is the twin sister to Vierla, and the sisters often have many followers in common. The captains of merchant ships, pirate ships, or any sea-faring person offer prayers up to Nairades before a journey. Nairades priests can often be found roaming the docks of ports and are often treasured guests on any ship. Though she is a goodly god Nairades is continually at odds with her brother Rukton, The Storm God, who makes it his cause to disrupt her followers.

- The sea is your mother, respect her beauty and fear her wrath

- Embrace the freedom of the sea

- Be watchful of the followers of Rukton. The Storm God’s vengeance is not to be taken lightly

- Nairades is a caring goddess, keep her close to your heart and she will keep you safe


Gereth Saisei