The Scholar, the Rod.

Symbol: a notched rod

Hiraku is the god of historical Knowledge and Libraries, of Diligence and Study, Perseverance, Recording and Truth. His followers tend to be academics: scholars, writers and scribes, or those of an academic bent. Those of the law, makers and upholders, will often look to him for impartial guidance. Hiraku would admonish his followers to venerate and learn from the wisdom of those who have gone before, to trust to eons of recorded learning as a base to their knowledge, and the foundation upon which much of their world has been built. To dismiss or unduly distrust that knowledge is to damage your own foundations. Those charged with recording knowledge in any form must hold absolute truth as their benchmark.

Although he rarely outright opposes him, Hiraku sees Ceorl’s attitude to learning and knowledge as that of a churlish and petulant child who refuses to accede to the wisdom of his elders. He mistrusts Caducea, as she encourages deception and mendacity.

  • History is father and mother: your teacher, your guide, that which makes you, and must be honoured.
  • Truth is all, and cannot be bent or shaped to your will. Dishonour truth and you sow the seeds of suffering for those that follow.
  • Through study we learn of what came before so that we know what may come after, and in so doing we can hope to know ourselves.


Gereth Saisei