The Flame Maiden, Heartflame, The Compass

Symbol: dancing flame with a heart of crimson

Daughter of Ceorl, Adisa is the goddess of Fire and Exploration and Endeavour- of Passion and Lust in all their forms. She is both the flame that inspires courage, endeavour and greatness, and that which consumes all else in obsession. Her followers are those who yearn to do, to strive, to excel at that which moves them, those who care little for temperance and reservation. They are most often innovators in their field, explorers both literally and in spirit, and leaders of men and causes. At the start of a journey, the inception of a venture or a marriage her goodwill will often be invoked, and travellers often look to her for strength and conviction. She is on good terms with Vierla.

  • Be, do, see, live.
  • Do that which you love, and love that which you do.
  • Give yourself over to your passions, body and soul, with honesty and conviction. There lies joy.
  • Never stray from the path your heart tells you to walk: let not suffering, nor hardship, nor adversity turn or compromise you.


Gereth Saisei